Rectangle Fire Pits

900mmx450mmx550mm   $395

750mmx400mmx450mm   $245

We can make 2 sizes in our rectangle pits, both can have custom designs on, not with the smaller we are limiter to the space we have to do the bigger designs.


Custom Designs pricing is an additional $50-$90 depending on design

Hexagon Fire Pits

1500mmx600mm  $595

1100mmx450mm  $395

750mmx400mm    $295


Hexagon pits are available in 3 different sizes,


we can cut all logo, designs, images, name or shapes to our pits


Allow $50-$90 for custom designs depending on detail and size

Sphere Pits

900mm round and stand 1200mm high on their legs

we have 3 different sphere pit option ranging from the

Full Sphere $750

3/4 Sphere $675

1/2 Sphere $625


All custom work on the sphere is an additional $100